Bespoke Software

Our software utilises more than 20 years experience to provide simple, elegant solutions.

Bespoke Software

Since 1994 we have been asked to provide bespoke software solutions for businesses and organisations across a broad range of sectors to improve productivity, planning and reporting.

Our software utilises more than 20 years experience to provide simple, elegant solutions.

Productivity & Planning Software

Sarand offer a bespoke service for all your business and organisational planning needs.

From vehicle servicing booking to medical clinics and from supply chain management to theatre scheduling our services have been called upon in a wide range of industries for very different planning needs.

Take a look at our Patient Manager and Logistics Manager to see some of the challenges we have solved for our varied clients.

Systems Integration

To be efficient as a business or organisation we understand how crucial it is to get your different systems to talk to one another, create a central point of reference and remove the need for duplication of data input.

Whether you have existing systems that need to interact with new software or external and web based systems that need to link with your desktops, we can help. In fact, overcoming complex challenges and this is Sarandís speciality.

For example, our eCommerce Manager is designed to automatically exchange data between online shops and internal business systems and accounts packages such as Sage.

If you are using Sage then products can be extended using a variety of methods and Sarand will help you determine the best combination to suit your needs.

Setting up exchanges of information between systems ensures you have more automated flows of data, cutting workloads, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Bespoke Desktop & Web Application Development

Sarand offers a full range of services including desktop, web, hosted systems and apps for mobile phones and tablets.

Our desktop based Business Manager system brings all your day to day business processes together to increase efficiency and profitability.

Logistics Manager is an integrated office and website suite that tracks your stock holdings in a way that suits your business - either macro-tracking of bulk movements such as loose dry goods in a silo or on a micro-scale by serialising each individual item.

eCommerce Manager is designed to automatically exchange data between web-based online shops and your internal desktop business systems.

Sarandís Patient Manager system acts as an online diary, replacing the use of paper diaries, whiteboards and other manual procedures. It can be configured to match your existing scheduling procedures.

Our systems are tailored to your needs and can be integrated with your existing systems.

Sarand also develops specialist apps for use on hand-held devices, mobile phones and tablets for customers to integrate with their other systems.

Software Development

We work with organisations to find bespoke solutions to problems, carefully listening to the features our solution must include.

At Sarand we believe that your business and organisational needs should dictate the software you use rather than the software available forcing you to make changes to the way you operate.

Our software will happily sit alongside other applications, exchanging information behind the scenes and enhancing the range of functionality that is available to your business.

Already have a system in place which is no longer updated? Donít worry, we frequently help clients who rely on software whose original authors are no longer able to provide support for one reason or another, even where the original source code is no longer available.

We can also help you determine which business processes are suitable for automation, how this functionality should interact with other systems that you already have in place and assist you in assessing the benefits that will result.

All bespoke systems are markedly different. However, all businesses and the processes they carry out have a significant level of common features that have allowed us to build a common platform of functionality and data upon which our solutions are constructed.

Our systems are based on a similar design architecture, regardless of technology, that allows them to share existing libraries of functionality, ensuring we can deliver them promptly and that future enhancements can be implemented without major rewrites.