eCommerce Manager

Combining your online shops with internal systems to increase efficiency and profitability

eCommerce Manager

Increase efficiency, profitability and sales accuracy with eCommerce Manager.

What is eCommerce Manager?

Sarand’s eCommerce Manager is designed to automatically exchange data between online shops and your internal business systems.

How does it work?

Tailored to your own in-house accounts system, it regularly checks to see if there are completed orders at your online shop and allows full details of the sale to appear within your accounts package within 10 minutes.

eCommerce Manager also regularly updates stock levels on the online shop and gives you complete historic details of sales within your accounts system. It can also keep detailed product information up to date on your online shop and has the capability to be linked to more than one shop. It is also designed to talk to other external and internal systems within your business.

Case Study

European disposables and packaging wholesaler Halma uses our eCommerce Manager to link its online shop to its Sage accounting system.


“Halma have been working with Sarand for 3 years as our on-call in-house development team. What impresses us most is, despite the software which integrates our website with our accounting system being incredibly complicated, we never see that as it is straightforward to use. Halma simply could not run the website without the bespoke software Sarand created for us. The team at Sarand took the time to listen to our needs and came up with software that enhances our business, something an off the shelf package could never do."

Jon Watkins, Managing Director, Halma Packaging UK