Logistics Manager

Manage your stock from one central location to reduce enquiry times and improve processing time.

Logistics Manager

Keep track of your stock automatically and reduce customer enquiry response times with Logistics Manager.

What is Logistics Manager?

Logistics Manager is an integrated office and website suite that tracks your stock holdings in a way that suits your business - either macro-tracking of bulk movements such as loose dry goods in a silo or on a micro-scale by serialising each individual item.

How does it work?

It automates your stock tracking, allows you automated data retrieval from equipment such as cranes, conveyors and weigh bridges and gives you automated compliance with industry regulations and ISO certification.

The stock information can be published in a variety of data formats to other systems and third party organisations as well as to an integrated website that is automatically updated to ensure that your customers wherever they are always have access to up to date information available. It encompasses specific modules including Stock Calculator, Data Publication, Integrated Website, Product Identification, and Specialist Utilities - RF Scanning, Barcode printing etc.

Case Study

Solent Stevedores, a stevedoring company in Southampton, use it on their quayside. The need for accurate and timely information is paramount. Staff and customers need to be constantly updated regarding the status of their consignments.

Before installing Logistics Manager, most customer enquiries could only be resolved manually by referencing a number of different systems. This required a huge amount of staff time to respond to enquiries and required significant skills and expertise to accomplish.

Accessing and supplying information was not easy. Information from the most critical systems, for example the weighbridge, are ‘black boxes’ with limited reporting potential. System output is commonly only available as a printed report and information is regularly entered in duplicate to different systems. The procedures for compiling operational reports are complex with limited potential for consolidation to provide meaningful management information.

After switching to Sarand’s Logistics Manager, Solent Stevedores truck, train and shipping stock movements integrate with a one-touch stock calculator to track current levels. The company can now publish this information in real time to the client’s website allowing their customers to view their data within minutes. In addition data from previously isolated systems such as the weighbridge is now integrated to generate powerful management reports.


"The level of direct communication with our clients has reduced significantly. Clients can now see their stock movements, in real time and 24/7, at a touch of a button. They really appreciate the convenience the new system gives. Not only has Logistics Manager given us a real competitive advantage but we also have more time to focus on improving our service delivery in other areas.”

Stuart Cullen, Managing Director, Solent Stevedores