Business Manager

Consolidate all your business' processes information into one location to maximise efficiency.

Business Manager

Brings critical day to day business processes together to increase efficiency and profitability using our Business Management Software.

Business Manager encompasses office and website functionality enabling you to have Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales and Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control, Process Control, all integrated and all in one place.

What is Business Manager?

Business Manager provides a single point of reference for all your critical business information. It enables integration between your accounts systems such as Sage Line 50 with your operations, marketing and stock control functions. This reduces the time spent fulfilling customer requests with timely and accurate information. Our clients have told us this has increased efficiency and profitability by enabling them to spend more time looking after their business and less time feeding their systems.

How does it work?

Business Manager provides users with immediate feedback on work in progress and job status, customer requests for information are more easily fulfilled and preparation of quotes simplified with access to historic information.

Case Study

During a period of rapid growth manufacturing company Machinepart Engineering found that their home-grown process control procedures could not keep up with the increased throughput of their business. The growing volume of orders demanded more effective control.

They also found over time that their customers began demanding a much higher quality of information. Quotes needed to be prepared with the same accuracy as when they were hand-crafted, the progress of individual orders needed to be tracked more efficiently and deliveries coordinated with greater control.

Feedback about Business Manager Software

"The beauty of Business Manager for my engineering company has been the way in which Sarand has developed the software to meet the demands of my business as it has evolved over a number of years. This scalability would not have been possible with an off the shelf package.”

Robert Haylock, Managing Director, Machinepart Engineering