Patient Manager

Replaces existing unreliable methods such as whiteboards and manual diaries, and reduces costs and waiting times.

Patient Manager

Reduces waiting lists, costs, and improves efficiency.

What is Patient Manager?

Patient Manager acts as an on-line diary, replacing the use of paper diaries, whiteboards and other manual procedures. It is configured to match your existing scheduling procedures and has been tried and tested in one of the most demanding environments in the country - Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Within Patient Manager there are three options:

Theatre Scheduler

Theatre Scheduler enables you to filter schedules by theatre, day of the week, consultant and speciality. You can simultaneously view lists for all theatres within a department, extending the schedule's visibility to ensure that theatre time is used effectively. A central list is accessible by authorised staff from their own workstation with nominated users given authority to update the schedule making the software safe, secure and easy to update.

Theatre Scheduler is configured to follow the departments' existing procedures, minimal staff training is needed and it is networked to other systems in the hospital.

Ward Scheduler

Ward Scheduler is a dedicated electronic diary within which you can book short stay and longer term admissions. Your staff can match your own scheduling procedures, it clearly highlights available beds and you can make provisional bookings to await planning authorisation.

Clinic Scheduler

Clinic Scheduler enables you to view same-day clinics alongside one another and you can view display screens in communal areas. Staff can view activity without having to visit or contact the planning office.

Case Study

Before installing Patient Manager, the Endoscopy Department within Addenbrooke’s Hospital was using a combination of paper diaries and whiteboards to schedule admissions. It was labour intensive, overly reliant on the administration staff’s knowledge of the department and resulted in under utilised theatre time. Patient Manager has given the right people access to the information more effectively and enables them to participate in scheduling. As the department has identified more information needs we have issued new releases of the software incorporating their requirements.

Performance indicators improved rapidly, reducing waiting lists, costs and the department now has automated performance statistics generated automatically.


"We can see at a glance what is scheduled, which means we can ensure theatres are booked to their full potential. If we get a cancellation, we can just slot another one in easily. This means that waiting lists are reduced and we are more cost effective.”

Sally Tobin, Business and Information Manager for Perioperative Care, Addenbrooke's NHS Trust